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Treatment Of AML cells with PIM Kinase inhibitor Midostaurin and a mutation with FLT3

A completely new discovery in rats by scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Clinic may eventually allow doctors to spare some patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) from toxic remedies, although opening the doorway for brand-new therapeutic research. AML, the most typical type of acute leukemia observed in grownups, is clearly a hostile type of cancer

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Selleckchem PIM Kinase Inhibitor SGI-1776 produces tumor regression in acute myologenous leukemia (AML) xenograft models

SuperGen Corporation, a pharmaceutical company devoted for the discovery, rapid development and commercialization of remedies for solid abnormal abnormal abnormal abnormal growths and hematological malignancies, introduced incorporated in a number of presentations inside the 2008 AACR Annual Meeting it’s recognized a lead PIM kinase inhibitors, SGI-1776, that produces tumor regression in acute myologenous leukemia (AML)

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