MGCD0103 Mocetinostat ul biomarker of sensitivity for B cell lymphoma

ul biomarker of sensitivity for B cell lymphoma inhibition of the chromosomal passenger protein complex. Therefore, incorporation of a pan aurora kinase inhibitor into standard MGCD0103 Mocetinostat R CHOP or some components should be evaluated in phase II studies of c Myc driven aggressive B and T cell lymphomas. The major side effects of aurora kinase inhibition are neutropenia, mucositis and alopecia which appear to mimick traditional chemotherapy agents. Therefore, dosing and scheduling without compromising efficacy are key to successful anti cancer therapy. Agents that exquisitely synergize with aurora kinase inhibition without any additional adverse events are likely to move forward as effective therapies for many human malignancies. Acknowledgments We wish to thank Annette Krzysik for preparing Figure 1 Annotated Bibliography 1.
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