Gefitinib EGFR inhibitor adverse clinical outcomes were classified into two groups

As in the standard treatment. 18 of 141 non-carrier Gefitinib EGFR inhibitor hunters in both groups had a high Thrombozytenreaktivit t on treatment after 7-t Pendent treatment with clopidogrel. In contrast, seven of the 23 Tr hunter CYP2C192 were treated with clopidogrel high Thrombozytenreaktivit t on treatment. All patients were subjected to a PCI included in the analysis of clinical outcomes and bleeding. No adverse clinical outcomes were classified into two groups ish Mix to 7 or 30 days noted. The H FREQUENCY of minor bleeding was not diff Erent into two groups: fi ve of the 91 patients in the TIMI minor bleeding fast genotyping was given to two of 96 standard treatment. TIMI major bleeding in two patients fast and genotyping a standard treatment for patients. Of the two patients in the rapid genotyping, which had a TIMI major bleeding was again U clopidogrel. Discussion To our knowledge, we reported on the successful validation and clinical application of the RST-fi point of genetic testing in medical care. We have shown that rapid genetic testing coupled with a personalized treatment sp Ter reduces the number of Tr hunter CYP2C192 treated with PCI, the high reactivity of t have the wafer processing. Point-of-care genetic testing according to the PCI-eff ective can be done at the bedside and treatment of Tr Like prasugrel with the high rate of plate processing can erm Reactivity resembled t compared to standard treatment of clopidogrel. In our study, the personalization of antiplatelet therapy are selective with prasugrel, was based on CYP2C192 carrier status. The clinical relevance CYP2C192 allele in combination with clopidogrel is limited to the context of PKI. Retrospective analyses28 genetics of ACTIVE A and CURE studies have no association between carrier status and adverse CYP2C192 ish Mix events shown. ACTIVE researchers Bleomycin DNA/RNA synthesis inhibitor examined the effi ciency of clopidogrel in the Press Prevention of cases Schlaganf, And only 15% of patients in the CURE study were treated with PCI and stenting.28 According to these reports, a meta-analysis was not limited to the context of PCI with stent implantation is not an association between CYP2C19 genotype and adverse clinical outcomes.29 shown why, the importance of allele CYP2C192 not be extrapolated to the scope of the PCI, until further evidence is available. Although our point of care genetic testing CYP2C192 allele has been designed, other genetic variants are associated with negative consequences for PCI.13 clopidogrel, additionally loss of function alleles of 30 relooking CYP2C19 reduced t receiver singer of clopidogrel. But in contrast to the allele CYP2C192, others are rare and usually occur in less than 1% of those of Western Europe ancestry.13 Since 95% of our study population were of this race, we, we expect that fewer patients have been w Re, fi ve Tr Hunters of these genetic PF-562271 variants, others have. But improving the results CYP2C1917 alleles in a gain of function and k Can beneficiaries ish Clopidogrel mix while Erh Increase the bleeding risks.28, 31 Although a common allele, the ideal treatment strategy for Tr was hunter CYP2C1917 after PCI or not clarified rt ed pharmacogenetics guidelines32 recommend CYP2C1917 car.

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